Monday, January 21, 2008

I Quietly Slink Back. . .

With no announcement and little fanfare, I quietly slink back. I want to thank each and every one of you who commented or sent me an email, and wished me well. I was terribly sick with this cold/flu combo pack (anyone who has had it this season can testify,) and it knocked me flat. But that is not the only reason I have been absent. . .

A bit of a tough holiday season for me and mine, and I just didn't know how (or want)to present it in a blog format I was comfortable with.

My spouse and I are enduring the trials of infertility, and the ordeal of in vitro. This was our third time with no success, and it has been tough to find ways to console her in this time of personal grief. There are of course bigger and more horrible things to endure in this life, but this has been the biggest one so far for my marriage, and not really sure how to describe the tough spots we are navigating through. . .like commercials about babies every two minutes, parents melting down on their kids while shopping, forced close contact with family during the holidays while getting the inevitable incessant "How'd it go? How'd it go?" All served as reminders of a life we most likely will never have.

All of this was expected and frankly, unavoidable. But I could not find a way to be snarkily musing while really bummed out. I remember how sad I was when one of my favorite bloggers, The Domestic Minx, just dropped off the face of the earth. I thought to myself that something very tragic must have happened to abandon her loyal fans, otherwise we would have heard by now. After I dropped off for awhile, it became clear how easy it was to let go while I hid out.

If it is any small consolation, you loyal readers are not the only ones I have been ducking. I don't think I have made more than one public appearance since Jan 1st, much to the annoyance and chagrin of my pool of loyal friends.

I apologize to those of you who came to be entertained, there are enough blogs on personal pain that I wanted to create something different, and I have not been able to be true to that end. However, if you bear with me, I shall slowly return to my former fun self.

Rereading this, not my best post ever, but hey, I'm rusty. Sue me.


P.S. For those few who were looking to contact me directly, the best way will still be sarcasmabounds AT This will forward to where ever I am.


Jackie said...

No need to apologize, SA. You've been missed but everyone needs time to themselves. I'm so very sorry to hear that you and your wife are going through this tough time. I wish you both well.

meleah rebeccah said...


Its nice to have you back PERIOD.

Yeah, there are alot of 'personal blog about pain'....but YOU dont ALWAYS have to make us laugh.

just sayin'

Teej said...


Anonymous said...

Welcome back and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back SA. You've been missed and I'm sorry to hear about the news that has kept you away. Your absence is understandable. I wish you and your wife well.

From SOS (Someday Satori)

Gypsy at Heart said...

Dear SA: new to your blog. I found you through Amy of You are a fly on my wall. I read this last post of yours, never knowing that you were funny before or that this funniness is what your blog is known for and it really doesn't matter because all I want to say is I'm sorry you are going through a tough time. My advice should you care to take it: Turn off the tv and only rent movies (Do NOT rent JUNO), tell the whole family to put a moratorium on it. As simple as that. They are family and will understand. If they don't, so what? Let them stew. As for the kiddies crying in the supermarket (FACETIOUS ALERT) just pretend for the moment that you are not the parent trying to calm down the child that will not be calmed. Sometimes, parenting can be a trial but even though I do not know YOU SA nor your wife, I wish for you at 5:15 am this morning, all the incredible joy of it with all the power of my heart. I have a huge heart. I promise. Good luck and like every one else here who is your loyal fan I too say take your time and come back when you can. Definitely, just don't come back for me as I left you this ginormous message. I do this all the time... leaving ginormous... oh you get it.

Best wishes to you,

LOBO said...

Do you want some of ours? If you take 2, I'll throw in the five year old for free!

Welcome back SA. I never dropped your link either ... :)

(Now quit reading this and 'get bizzay')