Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hey Google: Thanks for the free Blog

It's nice to be able to post my thoughts for free, and know that thanks to Google, they will never, ever be destroyed. When the Earth finally is no more, our Galactic representatives will be roaches and Google, no doubt by then a self-aware sentient program. Know where your towel is, guys.

Anyway, thanks.

Did I tell you that I met Sergey Brin once? No, of course not. It was a Search Engine show in San Fran, I think in '99 and Sergi was working their little booth, handed me his card, and told me that they were going to be big some day. I had an appointment with an Alta Vista rep who my employer had a large contract with, I had a cold, I hated San Fran, and so I kind of blew him off, but I did wish him luck. I wonder if I still have his card in my rolodex. Sergey, I wish I had paid better attention.



Hey Sergi and Larry, please come up with an alternative to the MLS and forever break the Realtor lobby's spine. We don't need travel agents or stockbrokers anymore, we don't need these guys sucking up 6% of every house sold. Apologies to all of my realtor friends.

Oh, and thanks for the Dance.

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