Friday, October 12, 2007

The Deep Blue (maybe a little green) Sea

This is for dear Domestic Minx, who is not too fond of the Big Blue. I recently traveled there myself for some scuba, and I can report on the denizens of said enviroment.

Now if I was a professional underwater photojournalist, I could hope that my photos looked like this:

I constanly fear this:

But as I was using a $30 camera with a pathetic flash, even 30' deep looks like the darkest abyss:

This albino starfish was as big a spare tire.

The scariest thing down there:


Please note that the shadowy tenacles behind me are in fact giant kelp, and not the giant squid that inhabit my nightmares.



LadyTerri said...

Beautiful pictures! I am most afaid of sharks as well :)

Dawn said...

Not bad for a $30 camera! Great shots!

the domestic minx said...

Oh my dear SA...
You are a brave chap. I wish for an ounce of your watery warrior juices...
I love the big blue!! I fear it horribly and I so wish I didn't.
Curiously, it is not the creatures I fear, but myself.

I am working through these fears though. Slowly, but surely...
Inevitably, I shall be joining you on one of your watery expeditions!


Jackie said...

Man, I need to plan a vaca to the ocean!

meleah rebeccah said...

That was SOOO awesome for you to do for her. She is a DEAR friend of very wonderful this post was indeed!

Oh, The Joys said...

I went to S. Africa once to dive with the sharks, but the weather wouldn't permit.