Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rocktober Bandwagon: Please drop me off at the Park-N-Ride

As I mentioned here, I donned my fair-weather-friend ball cap and proudly jumped on the Colorado Rockies bandwagon during their amazing ride through the playoffs and into the World Series. Now, here at the end of Rocktober, time for me to hop off.

I had planned to report in during the playoffs, but both games I had (still have) tickets to never happened as the Rockies swept in three the first series and then four games the second, and alas, I had tix to game four and game five, respectively.

Then they themselves got swept.

Getting swept happens more often than not these days, so no big deal to me there. However, three poorly handled events are making me jump off the bandwagon today. First was the complete debacle of how they handled ticket sales. Then, covering their error, they blamed Internet boogie men for trashing the site,(woooooo scary)and although that's a Federal crime (i think) they never officially reported it to the police or FBI or whatnot.

Really guys, poor show, and as a longtime hardcore (since you started winning) fan, may I say I deserved better.

Then there was the whole business of the team management trying to trademark the term Rocktober. Gee, you're right, I never heard that term before. . . well unless you heard any classic rock radio station ANYWHERE doing a "Rocktober" music marathon.

Today is the last straw for my hardcore fandom. This morning, on Halloween no less, they announced they would be having a Rockies rally at noon today downtown. At a park that has ZERO parking. And it's 34 degrees.

Yeah, um, let me know how that turns out, lads. I'm getting off at my stop right now. The local morning show radio personalities, Lewis and Floorwax (the Masters) on 103.5 the FOX fm were speculating on a low turnout of 5000-10,000 or so.

Ha! I'll say 2500 or less of the hardcore fan base. The ones without jobs. Or kids who want to go trick or treating. Or are immune to frigid temperatures. Let's see who will be right. Watch live here.

Anyway Rockies, see you next year. Well, you know, if you look like you are doing well and all that. I can't be hanging around if you're not winning, we're clear on that right?


P.S. I try not to be a hater, but after watching him dance for awhile, Dinger is very annoying as a mascot. Purple + Dinosaur = Barney flashbacks.


Anonymous said...

Finally...the first to comment. I guess I need to take more days off.

I love your reference to the boogeymen. I actually think it was the boogeyman from my basement. The same one that is always disconnecting my internet connection from my modem.

meleah rebeccah said...

Sorry your team got swept.

Happy Halloween.

I think its OKAY to be a hater, yanno when circumstance calls for it such as invoking Barney flashbacks.