Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Dark Horse Gains from Behind

Now that I am out of my funk for a moment to post regularly, there has been a surge in visitors to my little blog. I wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you, but that is rather time consuming, so let's settle on a blanket THANK YOU! to all, shall we?

I especially I want to thank you to some of the newest members of my MyBlogLog Posse.

Due to your efforts, I have been propelled into the top 100 in the "MyBlogLog Problogger Contest!"

It is an honor just to be mentioned, and to be in the top 100 is all I hoped for. (how many blogs are on here anyway? 106? :)

I see that some of the leaders in this contest are offering possible rewards for joining their little cliques. For any prospective members thinking of joining mine, let me make it clear that I offer nothing but snarky musings and occasional humorous photos (although it seems to me I promised an award on my "Pushing Daisies" trivia. I'll get to it...)And really, isn't that enough. . . ?

However, GorrillaSushi's prize of 184 kittens is rather tempting. . .

And for those of you that have been members for a long time, or have been so good to award me trophys or mention me elsewhere in the ether, I've been making my list of links to your blogs out there. As many of you already know, that is also a rather tedious task, but I'll get there.



Anonymous said... 100 is really great. Glad you're back with regular posts.

mauniejames3 said...

good for you...are you going to keep us posted? and you thought you were anything is good

Amy said...

hey! that's awesome news! you must special! and while that sounds so sarcastic, well - it's not, really although isn't that what it's all about. um, i'm confusing myself a little. ignore me. i'm leaving now. have a good day. ;)

Mark Dykeman said...

I'm trying to catch up to you in this contest.... or am I ahead of you?

Random Magus said...

Congratulations on making it to "the list"...
That's heroic indeed :-D

LOBO said...

You're #51 at this moment ... :)

meleah rebeccah said...

Congrats on being in the top 100.

Jason @ Gorilla Sushi does have one of the more convincing arguments!

AntiBarbie said...

Yes, that 184 kitten prize sounds wonderful. I hear Jason from GorillaSushi makes some world class kitten sushi, or perhaps it's the world's only kitten sushi... hmmm, I really should pay better attention to the crap I read.

Congrats on making the top 100! I'm sure I'm nestled in somewhere between a blog about toe cheese and the ramblings of Jerry Springer's hairdresser's former landlord. Gawd, that's depressing.